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Natalie Maines (of Dixie Chicks) 2013 – album “Mother” (Hammond Organ) set to be released on May 7 -2013

Merle Haggard 2004 – album “Unforgettable” (Piano, Wurlitzer piano)

Mick Fleetwood’s Band 2004 – album “Something Big” – (Hammond organ, Piano, Wurlitzer piano, Accordion, Sound Engineer)

Todd Smallwood – in progress (Hammond organ, Piano, Wurlitzer piano, Accordion)

Gaïa 2003 – (with Alan Simon, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, and others) – (Hammond organ)

Merle Haggard 1996 – album “Merle Haggard 1996″ (Piano, Wurlitzer piano)

Merle Haggard 2000 – album “If I Could Only Fly” (Piano, Wurlitzer piano)

Merle Haggard 2001 – album “Cabin In The Hills” (Piano, Hammond Organ)

Merle Haggard 2002 – album “Peer Sessions” (Piano)

Iris DeMent – album “The Way I Should” – 1996 (Back Vocals, Piano)

Johnny PayCheck – album “Old Violin” (Piano)

Red Elvises – album”Live” (Double Album) – 1999 (Mixing Engineer)

Red Elvises – album “Shake Your Pelvis” – 2000 (Hammond organ)

Red Elvises – album “Rokenrol” – 2002 (Synthesizers)

Red Elvises – album “Lunatics And Poets” – 2004 (Hammond Organ, Piano, Accordion)

Red Elvises – album “Drinking With Jesus ” – 2008 (Hammond Organ, Piano, Accordion, Vocals, Sound Engineer)

After Dark –  album “After Dark” – 1992 (Composer, Producer, Piano, Rhodes piano, Hammond organ, Vocoder, Synthesizers)

Oleg Schramm –  album “Music For Weekend” – 1990 (Composer, Producer, Synthesizers)

Arlekin Theater Highlights – 1989 (Composer, Producer, Piano, Synthesizers)