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Oleg Schramm was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Graduated from the music school by the age of 15. While studying, he participated in winning local and regional competitions as a classical pianist. At the age 10 he started to play an accordion. In later years he learned to play saxophone, drums and bass guitar.

By the age of 14 he already started to play keyboards professionally with local bands. By the age of 17 he completed his high school education, and at 18 obtained his diploma as an Electronic Automated Systems Specialist. Life took sudden turn in 1984 when he was hired as a sound engineer to a traveling theater “Arlekin” from Moscow, which was on tour in town where Oleg lived at the time. He moved to Moscow. Three month later he became their permanent keyboard player, and later Music Director for next 6 years…

In 1990 Oleg moved permanently to United States, and in 1994 started to work with a country legend Merle Haggard as a pianist.


Oleg with Merle Haggard

In 1999 Oleg moved to Los Angeles and started to work for Steinway & Sons as a concert piano technician for Steinway Concert & Artist department.

In 2002 Oleg met singer-songwriter Todd Smallwood and started to work as a Hammond organ player with the legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood from “Fleetwood Mac”. Sanctuary Records released in 2004 an album of Mick Fleetwood’s Band called “Something Big”, where Oleg plays Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano, piano, and accordion.

Four albums released with Merle Haggard, where Oleg plays piano and Wurlitzer piano. The albums are:  “Merle Haggard 1996”,  “Peer Sessions”,  “If I Could Only Fly”,  and  “Unforgettable”.

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment’s program “Cinescore” features couple of tracks written and produced by Oleg.

He played with the bands “Limpopo” and “Red Elvises” as a keyboardist.

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